General Point's Tank

Can you defeat the hordes?


The tank will point to the mouse pointer.
Foward: W
Reverse: S
Shoot: Space

Enemies can be killed by running them over or shooting them. Getting hit by an enemy bullet makes you lose health, but you can find health packs that add 10% to your health, (note that your health will deteriorate slowly if it is over 100%. The game increases in difficulty as you go!

Rocket launcher enemies appear when your score>50. Their rockets follow you, but will die out after a while. Also, you can shoot their rockets in mid-air to stop them.

Mine bots appear when your score>100. You must shoot them; they blow up if they run into you, or you run into them. They are mainly there to prevent you from just trying to run everything over >:).

Coordinates of your tank are at the bottom. The map borders are at: x = -999, x = 999, y = -999, y = 999

The FPS should be around 50-65.
Thank you to @VC_Gaming for some graphics.

My record is 435.

The Christmas 2014 Edition (0.6.2) is currently available for download

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